Maurice's diary

What about the negociation of children's clothing? acceptable or not?!

 Let’s be honest: which parents never dreamt of a kindly education for their children? Cosy routines, stylish kids, never late for school, and without even yelling at them! But sometimes … occasionally … hardly ever … or as an exception … we just can’t restrain our voice to become kind of squeaky. But why? Why this moment of weakness when we promised ourselves it would never happen again? The answer is quite simple: we call it ENDURANCE. Negotiating 24/7 without breaking down should be awarded with the gold medal at the Olympics. You should work on it, train your brain and mental strength, with STRUCTURE. Something sturdy, commonly called “a parent”. 

So yes, let’s not give up and say yes to everything on the pretext of positive parenting. Made in China stuff for 5 bucks? No longer for you! Slow is the new fast. We get quality from this and we LOVE it! “Yes sweetheart, you can dress however you like.” But remember: to make it easy for them, the choice must be limited as much as possible… which is possible with a Montessori closet, for instance. What’s that? A magic closet which transforms 5, 7 or 9 clothes into a multitude of outfits, pleases children who get to dress themselves and makes parents happy as they can enjoy some free time!   

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from Céline, co-founder