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Say no to the morning wardrobe crisis!

It’s 8.00 O’clock in a winter morning. You are late and exhausted but never mind : your little one will not leave without his/her red sandals are on.
Does that sound familiar?

This phenomenon is perfectly normal and illustrates the feeling of omnipotence of the children. What are your options? Offer them an alternative and let them choose which side they will wear their clothes !


Clothing that allows mood swings

Clothing is a way to express your feelings. So what happens if he/she changes mood during the day ? Easy : turn your garments inside out! At bonjour maurice, there is always one side solid-color, easy to be paired with, and another side in a colourful print. Clothing adapts to people who wear it.

A little stain? No problem

Your nipper stained his/her top and does not want to play anymore ? No problem! Turn his sweatshirt inside out and there comes the fun again! It is a fact : as little as they are, stains can tarnish a child’s day. Habits do not make the monk, but it models first impression and helps to gain self-confidence. 


Be ecological and save our fish

Your laundry bag is constantly full ? Does a small stain really require washing ? Obviously not if you can turn and rewear it. Since laundry is the biggest contributor to ocean pollution, you can greatly reduce your ecological footprint by washing less.

Twice as many outfits

Not sure if you like the blue sweatshirt or rather the one with patterns ? Too much clothes to fit in your wardrobe ?
Opt for a reversible cloakroom and multiply your looks to infinity!