Actor of a changing world

Bonjour Maurice is a committed brand, with respect for nature and humanity at the heart of our concerns. The team works the whole life cycle of the clothing to offer to your children a positive fashion and adopt a responsible lifestyle. 

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Our cottons are 100% organic (GOTS certified) or recycled. Good for the planet because the culture of organic cotton restores the fertility of the soil and the balance of the ecosystems. And also for the kids: softer, organic cotton has fewer allergic risks for the skin!


Our clothes are made to last and to be worn: good quality, reversible (that means less washes!), gender-neutral and above all, they grow with your kids, because they have elasticated waists and they can be rolled up or down so they fit for longer! 


The weaving and clothes production take place in Portuguese workshops that meet European GOTS standards. Decent working conditions and decent pay for workers. 


Direct distribution for a "tailor-made" production with a minimum of unsold products. 


Not too much, not too little. Just what is needed to get dressed, in the right way. The box is the offer that makes parents' life easier, boosts the autonomy of children and democratizes eco-responsible fashion.  


95% of the clothes we throw away can be recycled or re-used. You can return your clothes to Bonjour Maurice within 12 months of buying them, to get 20% off your next purchase!