A playful yet simple wardrobe

A dream, an ideology, a philosophy, Bonjour Maurice is the promise of children feeling good in their sneakers, everywhere and all the time. Reversible clothes to learn how to choose, quality pieces to consume in a conscious way, comfortable cuts to freely discover the world, and a box of clothes to explore a new way of dressing. 

 A playful wardrobe to encourage children's autonomy

At Bonjour Maurice, your child chooses the way of her/his garment. No inside out, you can dress in all ways and especially in the right way. Reversible clothes, comfortable cuts and easy to put on to get dressed in complete autonomy. 

 A minimalist concept to make parents life easier

Imagine ... if all your children's clothes were reversible! Save space, time and storage. A multiplication of looks, and children dressed every day in the right way. The box is neither too much nor too little. Just what is needed to make parents life easier and while democratising ethical fashion. 



In 2013 the sewing virus literally took me away, I'm addicted. And then, little by little, I discover the disaster of the textile sector, the human and ecological impact behind fast fashion. My mission is there, to give fashion a new meaning to create the tomorrow's kids wardrobe. Positive, committed and playful, Bonjour Maurice is born!