No no no, Maurice’s clothes are not stupid! They are designed to help your child gain independence and self-confidence. Manual:


we love looking good

Having and presenting a positive image of ourselves while feeling good in our clothes is mega important from as young as 5 years old. It’s scientifically proven! That means even your kids can dress for success!


Let them choose

Making our own choices builds independence. By wearing reversible clothes with the plain side or the wacky side showing, children can express their emotions in a fun way, every day.


colour is life

Colours really are fascinating! They allow us to express ourselves freely. We all have our favourites, and so we should! Dare to be different and say no to stereotypes.


do it yourself

Your children will love dressing themselves, thanks to clothes that can be worn either side out, are easy to put on and feel super comfy.


Less is really more

Avoid too many toys and clothes. We learn better in a simple and well-ordered environment.
Be creative: 7 reversible pieces of clothing equals 49 outfits! Now that really is “buying better but less”!