a child's play

1. Pick

The lil clothes and their size from the platform dedicated to subscriptions. 

2. Confirm

Your cart and benefit from a decreasing pricing according to the number of clothes chosen. 

3. Log in

Your subscriber account. This is where you manage exchanges and returns. 

4. Receive

Your parcel in a relay point (Belgium & France). Delivery is free from 50€.

the rules of the game


Rental insurance is included in your membership, which covers messy moments in life causing stains and tears from wearing, using and exploring the world. Please inform me at [email protected] when an item is damaged and please always return all outfits, regardless of their condition, these can be repaired in expert hands and returned to our second hand wardrobe.

Breathe, everything is fine! The rental insurance covers the loss of a garment rented for more than 5 months. Before that, I will ask you for a contribution on the residual value of the garment : 

• From 1 month rental: €28.00

• From 2 months rental: €21.00

• From 3 months rental: €14.00

• From 4 months rental: €7.00

• From 5 months rental: €0.00

Do not forget do inform me at [email protected]

Obviously! to switch from renting to buying, the pricing is as follows: 

• in the first month of rental: €28.00

• in the second month of rental: €21.00

• in the third month of rental: €14.00

• in the fourth month of rental: €7.00

• from the fifth month of rental: €0.00

Do not forget to notify me at [email protected]

Try to remove small stains with organic liquid soap. Wash as needed at 30°C maximum, use liquid soap instead of powdered soap to avoid stains. Do not tumble dry, air dry is always better.


My lil’ garments collection is available for purchase worldwide, but rental is only available in Belgium and France. You can choose between two delivery methods: with Mondial Relay or at a pick-up in our Brussels store.

You can expect your ordered to be delivered within 5 working days.

Delivery is free for orders over 50€. Otherwise, count 10€ for delivery in France and 5,50€ for delivery in Belgium


Whenever you want after the first month of rental! You decide when it’s time for you to say goodbye to them. You should download the return form from your customer account. 

No, you don't have to. You are free to keep one or more items longer. You only return the items you want to exchange.

Returns are free, easy and quick. You can create a free return label by logging to your customer area. The items you send back will be professionally and very carefully washed with an eco-friendly detergent, to ensure that the clothes are 100% clean and like new, before being passed on to another little one.


Great news: invoicing takes place at the end of the month according to the number of pieces rented and pro rata to the number of days rented.

Concretly: I rent 5 clothes on 01/09 and return 2 pieces on 15/10. What happens?

01/09: your credit card is registered.

01/10: your credit card is charged 5x8,00€, i.e. 40,00€

01/11: your credit card is charged (5x8,00€)/2 + (3x9,00€)/2, i.e. 33,50€

Isn't it a good deal ? 

By subscribing to this service, you are committing for a minimum of 1 month. After that, your subscription can be stopped at any time. To do so, you just need to generate a return request via your customer account, under the heading "manage my subscription". You will then be able to download your return form and drop off your parcel at a pick-up place. As soon as we receive it, you will receive a notification of the end of your subscription.

You know everything! Now it's your turn.