The box is the playful closet that

How does it work?


In a box nothing is imposed, you choose! So select the pieces and the sizes of your choice, any combination is possible.


Save up to 60%. It's magic, all prices drop to 36€, 31€ or 28€ depending on the box chosen.


A reversible closet is children dressed every day in the right way. 

• BECAUSE the magic of reversibility turns a small number of pieces into a complete wardrobe.

• BECAUSE ethical fashion should be accessible to every child without bankrupting any parent.

• BECAUSE the minimalist makes the parents' daily life easier and encourages the children's autonomy.

"Perfect, as always. good quality clothes that last a long time, easy to wear, stylish in all circumstances."
Anne-Claire D.
"Top quality, easy to put on for the kids. i got so many compliments received since buying the box."
Isabelle W.
"Great clothing boxes with multiple combinations!"
Pauline K.
11/ 06/2021


Small but (very) assertive, our kids know exactly what they want to wear. So get them involved in composing their ideal wardrobe. A fun and creative DIY to play the Mix & Match game.

The box turns reversible clothing into a magic wardrobe with multiple combinations. Leave room for your children's creativity, let them dress by themselves and enjoy incredible savings.

Depending on the clothing need or the size of the fraternity, we offer 3 formulas that are perfectly adapted to each family's need.

The box is a single purchase for a magical wardrobe. No commitment, no subscription, you remain free!

Oh no, we would lose the magical effect of reversible garments.

It is possible to exchange the size of a garment within 14 days (free in belgium!). It is not possible to return a single garment for a refund, the entire box must be returned.