second hand clothes

waiting for adoption

Every last weekend of the month, say hello to my second hand mini shop, a lil place where you can adopt pre-loved Bonjour Maurice clothes to give them a new life and shop the latest articles at a very low price! And for every item you bring back, you get a 20% voucher (that you can use on any item you love). How cool is that?

How does it work?⁠

1. fill in the return form

2. send your package to:

22, Place du Châtelain

1050 Ixelles, Belgique

3. receive your voucher by e-mail

You can also return your second-hand clothes directly to the shop.



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And that's my pride and joy, especially in a textile industry where an alarming 30% of merchandise goes unsold. That's why I've come up with a solid model that allows us to manage stocks in a fair way, from production to consumption, including distribution!