the second hand



second hand to close the loop of the circular economy. We create quality clothes, intended to be worn and worn again. So, once you\'ve outgrown your clothes, send them back to us and they\'ll go back into the second-hand circuit.


give your bonjour maurice clothes a second life

Send us back the clothes you no longer wear for a 20% discount on a future purchase
  • 1. Fill in the return form
  • 2. Send or drop off your package
  • 3. Receive your voucher, valid for 1 year.
1 item returned = 1 voucher valid for 1 new item. The more clothes you bring back, the more vouchers you get ! We take back all Bonjour Maurice clothes, excluding underwear, regardless of their condition. If they are no longer wearable, we will take care of recycling them!

enjoy second-hand for 48H only

We organise flash sales of second hand items every last weekend of the month, for 48 hours only!

The items sold are carefully washed, ironed and evaluated to offer you the most appropriate price possible.