But who

Is behind this?

So, when you're a fish, it's quite difficult to create your own brand, you understand right? So I had to surround myself with people able to harmonize my lil ideas. People who are committed, creative but above all super cool!  

So, you want to meet them?

When she told me "Bonjour Maurice" I knew right away that she had to be the one who would magically take care of my projects.

Determined and strategic, Céline the businesswoman was far too dreamy to stay in the business world. So I took her with me on this adventure and what can I say... I've been basking in bliss since 2017!

Mom by day, superhero by night, Céline chose her mission: "to give meaning to this nonsense industry" by creating a fun concept, a responsible way of life.

Lulled from an early age by the gentle (not so gentle actually) sound of sewing machines thanks to her dad, the unstoppable, sparkling and uncompromising My is our talented designer!

Her greatest source of inspiration? Her sons, two little explorers with lots of ideas (and energy). In fact, at My's, styling is a family affair.

And when she's not tapping into her kids' boundless imagination, she's putting on her big boots to walk for hours in the forest... and come back with lots of new ideas!

All the lil humans who participated in some way in the implementation of this dear to my heart project! As a movie star would say, I’d like to thank Sarah, Robin, Héline, Julie, Pernell.