Dress better

With less

Being a lil fish isn’t always easy! Especially in the ocean, you know the pollution, the sharks, all that… that’s why I came on land! And that’s how I met my best friends of all time: the kids! With them and for them, I wage a battle for a better world.

You want to join? I’ve got a plan!

oh my gots

Choosing an ecological and socially responsible production model rewarded by a great international label: the GOTS label.

 - more than 95% of the fibers are organically grown

 - my collections are designed in Belgium and made in European workshops (in Portugal and Turkey) that respect social and environmental conventions.

Ever heard of the three Rs?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The secret to manage consumption in a responsible way for beautiful results.

Adios overconsumption! Quality clothes last longer. Gender-neutral, so it can be worn by others. And reversible, that means less washing in the machine. And to wrap everything up, I created a box for a capsule wardrobe, little badges to hide stains and holes, and second-hand weekends. 

0% unsold

200,000 litres of water saved and 56KG of CO2 avoided per garment

2 times winner of the Brussels regional program BeCircular

 the ultimate challenge

In an ideal world, fashion is both sustainable and affordable. Sadly, it’s not always the case because you must often choose between one or the other...

So, I created the box! Just what you need to ethically dress your child for a whole season at a mini price.