Once upon a time

A lil fish

This fish is me, Maurice, kids’ best friend and a huge planet lover! The day I decided to leave the ocean to carry out my mission on Earth, I realized something: life is made of little choices, and we are all free to make choices, right? So, because kids are my buddies, I chose my story: to come along with them in their quest for autonomy and freedom, with the greatest respect for the blue planet!

Which is why my family and I created garments that are …

the end

Let’s give kids the freedom to express themselves, to move, to choose! As you probably understood, my lil Bonjour Maurice garments are reversible, comfortable, gender-neutral and sooo easy to put on, so getting dressed becomes EASY and FUN! Our clothes are also conceived with love for the environment thanks to sustainable models of production and distribution.

New or second hand, single or boxed, to buy or to rent... or all at once: the choice is yours!