choosing is being free

a dream, a ideology, a philosophy
Bonjour Maurice is about happy children everywhere and all the time. Reversible clothes to learn how to choose, quality pieces to maximise the use of a garment, comfortable cuts to freely discover the world around us, and a box of 5,7 or 9 clothes to explore a new way of consuming fashion.
we turn everything over
reversible garments to boost children’s autonomy
with Bonjour Maurice your child is free to choose the way he wants to dress. No right side or wrong side, he dresses in all directions and especially in the right way. A concept that reinvents the kid's wardrobe with fun, comfortable and easy to put on models to get dressed in complete autonomy.
we stay relaxed
reversible garments to make parents’life easier
Let’s Imagine ... if all your children's clothes were reversible! Saving space, time and storage. A multiplication of looks, and children dressed every day in the right way. Thanks to “the box” it's neither too much nor too little. Just what is needed to make parents’ life easier and democratize ethical fashion.