7 reversible clothes

=48 outfits

The box it's 4 tops and 3 bottoms of your choice

La Box

The concept

The box is the ideal capsule wardrobe at 219€
that simplifies life, boosts children autonomy and allows delightful savings

Easy as pie

Choose the garments
of your box
one size per cloth
up to 55% off

What do they say?


Julie's box

At first, I admit I was a little scared.... 7 clothes is not a lot. But you soon realize that he always wears the same ones. So now he has seven favorite clothes.

Nathalie's box

The box? I am HYPER satisfied with it. And Oscar too, that's all he wears anymore. Every morning, he wonders if he's going to put them upside down or upside down. His other clothes are so dull next door!

Maureen's box

The price-quality ratio of the box is excellent, the fun of the clothes is much appreciated and the reversible side is much more successful than I would have imagined (putting your clothes upside down is still classy!)

Pauline's box

I just received my box: I made a mix for my daughter and my son. It's so gorgeous. Kids love to choose the side of the clothes. How fun it is to dress better with less!

La box de Marie

Gros coup de coeur pour bonjour maurice. Les vêtements sont superbes. Pour en avoir testé, c’est d’excellente qualité, ce sont des pièces qui restent.


4 tops and 3 bottoms, that's 48 outfits to choose from! Enough to get dressed for a whole season without getting tired.
7 clothes like the 7 colours of the rainbow, the 7 snow-white dwarfs, the 7 days of the week, the games of the 7 families.... Isn't it magical?!

Yes, you can select dresses & overalls. They will be counted as a low.

A reversible garment is twice as many possibilities! One side is sober - easy to match - and the other side is more colourful to become the highlight of an outfit. A garment that allows mood swings, allows small tasks during the day, reduces the number of washing machines. To try it is to adopt it!

Ethical clothing is clothing that has been made with respect for the environment and workers. A decent wage for the entire production chain, a reduced ecological footprint thanks to the use of organic or recycled cotton.

There are many of them!

  • First,your children will only wear the clothes they really like. So, bye-bye the morning crises when it comes to getting dressed.
  • Then,with less clothing, your children will be able to choose their clothes and compose their outfits more easily. A real gain for their autonomy!
  • Ultimately with less clothing, your children will be able to choose their clothes and compose their outfits more easily. A real gain for their autonomy!

Do you want even more benefits? Here's how it works: buying less but better usually translates into savings. The cost of buying a quality part is certainly higher, but the garment will last much longer and will significantly reduce the cost of use. Not to mention that he will be able to join the cycle of the 2nd hand. And finally, choosing beautiful and quality clothing invites self-respect.

To the address of your choice! Free of charge anywhere in Europe.

Yes, you have 14 days to return the size of a garment.

It is possible to exchange the size of a garment within 14 days, the costs are at your expense. However, it is not possible to return a single garment for a refund, the entire box must then be returned.