The box so green

bonjour maurice's values are about ecology, education and respect. Together, they create a mindful wardrobe of 7 ethical and reversible garments.

Dress better with less

waouh the savings

the box is 6x cheaper to use than the horrriiible fast fashion

there are no two such boxes

Choose 4 tops and 3 bottoms and save up to 55%

It seems that it's enough

the box is the solution to clothe a child for next 6 months in the same purchase

This is not a subscription

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Julie's Box

At first, I was a little scared ... 7 clothes is not so much. But I quickly realize that he always wears the same. So, now, he has 7 favorite clothes

Natalie's Box

The box? I am absolutely convinced. And Oscar too, he doesn't want to wear anything else. Every morning, he wonders in what way to wear his clothes. His former garments are so dull next door!

Maureen's Box

The quality-price ratio of the box is excellent, the pleasure of clothing is much appreciated and the reversible side much more successful than I would have imagined (put his clothes upside down is still the class!)


4 tops and 3 bottoms is 49 outfits! Good enough to dress for a whole season without getting tired.
7 clothes as the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 dwarfs of Snow-White, the 7 days of the week, the game of the 7 families .... It's not magic ?!

Yes, you can choose dresses & overalls. They count like bottoms.

A reversible garment is 2 times more possibilities! A sober side - easy to pair - and the other side more colorful to become the highlight of an outfit. A garment that allows mood swings, small tasks during the day, and reduces the number of washing machines. To try it is to adopt it!

An ethical garment is a garment that has been made with respect for the environment and workers. A decent wage for the entire production chain, a reduced ecological footprint through the use of organic or recycled cotton

There're many

  • Firstyour children will only wear the clothes they really like. Stop the morning crises when getting dressed.
  • Then, with fewer clothes, your children will be able to choose and pair their clothes more easily. A real advantage for their autonomy!
  • Thirdly, less clothes to put away is also more time and space to play. A bottlenecking of your wardrobe!

Are you looking for more benefits? Here: buy less but better, usually results in savings. The cost of buying a quality piece is certainly higher, but the garment will last much longer and will reduce the cost of use significantly. Not to mention that it will be able to join the cycle of the 2nd hand circle. And finally, promoting beautiful and quality clothing stimulate self-respect.

At the address of your choice! Free everywhere in Europe.

Yes, you have 14 days to return a piece of clothing.

It is possible to exchange a garment within 14 days, the costs are your responsibility. However, it is not possible to return a single garment for refund, the entire box must be returned.