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Education for happiness

Bonjour maurice has a mission: nurturing independence in children and boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. We aim to encourage freedom of thought and choices ; we strive to offer them the joyful experience of human adventure they deserve.

What about clothing?

Green is the new black !

Done with the throwaway living? Good news : bonjour maurice dresses up your children with style and respect. From eco-design to sustainable sourcing, every step of the fashion process has been carefully thought to minimize its environmental impact.

Green is the new black !

Two items are better than one

When reversibility works it magic! Bonjour maurice has reinvented kids’ fashion so that each garment lasts twice as long, for twice as many children.


Maurice, who are you ?

Created out of passion for kids and driven by ecological and educational aspirations, bonjour maurice is a joyful and spontaneous adventure that aims at social and environnemental impact.

dOne more story please!

When will we meet?

Bonjour maurice
974 Chaussée de waterloo 1180 Brussels

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