reversible clothes

that can be worn inside out

To get dressed by myself,

a child's play!

To multiply outfits and 

unclutter children's wardrobe

To be worn twice as often by

 twice as many children.


my lil clothes

at a fair price

With a margin that is reduced as much as possible in order to be able to pay all the skilled workers who are behind the production of a garment.

at a reduced price

In a box offer in which you only pay one price regardless of the clothes you choose

Custom BOX

• Select the number of clothes you want • Choose the clothes and their size • Save up to 60% off


62% off when buying a box



PANTS WILLIAM              €74.00

62% off when buying a box   €28.00


36% off when buying a box



SWEAT ALMA               €44.00

36% off when buying a box   €28.00


62% off when buying a box



JACKET GANDHI           €74.00

62% off when buying a box   €28.00


53% off when buying a box



SWEAT GUSTAVE            €59.00

53% off when buying a box   €28.00


"I am delighted with my purchases! The jumpers I bought for my kid? He wears it all the time, nothing to say, they are as beautiful as resistant."

Aline C.


"Absolutely satisfied! Beautifully designed clothes, excellent quality in organic cotton. Eco sustainable. The children loved their outfit.”

Frédérique B.


"This is the second time I've taken a box: always so pleased with the quality of the fabrics, the cuts and the colours/patterns."

Anne-Claire D.